Digital hearing aid is a type of hearing aids. It is used digital signal or sound wave you can say that its work on binary form either one or zero. Digital hearing aids use digital processing as well as controlling. Digital hearing aids are costly but great flexibility in both programming and sound processing also in comparison with analog hearing aids some feature of digital hearing aids are included like

  1. Speech increase.
  2. Noise Decrements.
  3. Feedback displacement.

digital hearing aid is a device used for boost the sound used by those people who have a hearing impairment.Digital Hearing aids have a microphone that sounds wave converts them into digital form. In this, there is a microprocessor chip that amplifies and process the digital signal.

There are different type of hearing aids –

  1. Behind the ear (BTE) aids
  2. Mini BTE aids
  3. In the EAR(ITE)
  4. In the canal (ITC)aids


As determined by name that sudden hearing loss mean Hearing Loss occurs suddenly or develops within few hours and affect the inner ear.The effect of sudden hearing loss is from mild to severe and intentionally become a permanent condition. Sudden hearing loss may be occurring together with tinnitus. I suggest that you should consult with the doctor of hearing aid care center as soon as possible if you suspected sudden hearing Loss. This is also known as Tinnitus(Sudden Hearing Loss).

Medications and Other Treatment Therapy for Tinnitus

Treatment for symptom depends on the underlying explanation for the matter. Within the majority of cases, it’s caused by injury to the hearing organ. In these cases, there’s commonly no would like for treatment aside from support that the sounds don’t seem to be being caused by another treatable unwellness.

Some of the foremost useful embody anti-anxiety or medicament medication and typically maskers-small devices like Hearing aids that facilitate to dam out the sound of the symptom with “white noise.” “Sound therapy” uses external noises to assist modification a patient’s perception of, or reaction to, Tinnitus. These external sounds might mask the symptom, or facilitate distract from it. For folks that are fazed by symptom only making an attempt to sleep, the sound of an addict, radio, or noise. Hearing Aid machine is sometimes all that’s needed to alleviate the matter. Wearable sound generators that match into the ear use a soft sound like random tones, music, or a “shhh shhh” sound, to assist mask the symptom.