We all know that children are naughty and they always make a noise but they are our responsibility or duty and we have to take care of our children’s health and their hearing health. We should take care of our kids from loud noise in the summer season. When all school is closed in the summer season then many families take a leave and spent time with each other and done a lot of activity and great fun and also they go for traveling, swimming, and picnics in the summer season, so we always take care of our children or family’s health.


In swimming, there are no loud sound but some care ness is important for swimmer due to swimming excess water  remains in the ear create moist in the ear and result of this bacterial infection in the ear pay attention to your child health if he/she complain that irritating sound comes from ear after getting out from water. Minor problem of infection can be solved by ear drops.

Camps and Sports

Camps are also organized by different school and college so you need to take care of his child hearing and you should give a kit pack of hearing health like ear plug and ear drop with your children. You should ask from a coach that your child is surrounded by in which type of environment and also train him/her that how you use ear plug and ear drop if you needed it.

Sports event like football and baseball is the best game for you and your child but the sound of announcer and the public sound is rough noise for your ear. For the safety of your child and your hearing health always keep an ear plug and always sit away from the loudspeaker.

Keep away from harmful noises is not always possible but regular audiology check up is a part of your child doctor routine as well. The audiologist of hearing aid care center is able to find any issue with your child to keep your child safe hearing health consult the nearest audiologist which gives you suggestion related to hearing loss and safety related to hearing loss. Firstly you need to know about what is the interest of your child after that choose an appropriate camp that offers a different type of activity as well as motivate toward a specific interest like academic, film, space.

There are different types of camp across the country that geared who are deaf or have some kind of hearing loss problem.

Summer camp for children who are suffering from hearing loss gives memories and good friendly relations.