What is Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is also called as Hearing Defect which is a problem to hear that can occur in one or both ears. The hearing problems can affect the ability to learn spoken the language in children and it can cause work-related difficulties in adults. The Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent.

Hearing loss may be occurred by various factors:-

  • Genetics: – It can occur due to heredity.
  • Ageing
  • Exposure to noise,
  • Infections
  • Birth complications: – Some infections during pregnancy such as syphilis and rubella
  • Trauma to the ear
  • Specific Medications/toxins.

The hearing loss problem may also be caused due to chronic ear infections. Hearing loss can be evaluated with help of Hearing Test for example: in a situation where a person is not able to hear 25 decibels in at least one ear.

There are types of Hearing Loss: –

  • Conductive Hearing loss: – When deafness is as a result of issues with the meatus, eardrum, or tympanic cavity and its very little bones (the auditory ossicle, incus, and stapes).
  • Sensorineural hearing loss: – It is occurred due to acoustic trauma (which is exposure to excessively loud noise), head trauma or sudden changes in air pressure such as in airplane adequate. The medical therapies with corticosteroids are reduced cochlear hair cell swelling and tenderness to improve healing of these injured inner ear structures.
  • Mixed Hearing loss: – It is occurred due to the combination of Conductive Hearing loss and Sensorineural Hearing loss.

Several hearing devices are used for the treatment of Hearing loss. An audiologist will evaluate the particular cause of the hearing defect and advise patients of their treatment and rehabilitative choices. The professionals will help patients achieve the most effective hearing outcomes and hearing-related quality of life.

So, the Patient should have a checkup by professionals of “ Hearing Aid Care Center” for the treatment of Hearing Issues.