Introduction of Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries are the most important part of hearing aids. Now a day the rechargeable batteries are easily available in the market. The zinc air button disposable battery is the most common type of hearing aid batteries. Historically hearing aids batteries were made exploitation trace amounts of mercury to help with conduction and stabilize internal parts; however, mercury is not any longer utilized in hearing aid batteries.

The zinc air batteries remain inactive in the air by the using factory sealed sticker.  When the back of the battery is peeled then the zinc will interact with the oxygen in the battery and turn it on. The sticker is removed to fully activate and wait about one minute for the best performance of battery before placing it in the hearing device. The sticker will replace but the battery will not deactivate. Therefore when the sticker is removed then the battery will remain in an inactive state till the power is finished.

These batteries remain stable for a long time due to store at a room temperature and dry places. The zinc air batteries keep away from moisture and humidity because the humidity can damage the batteries and the moisture can reduce the life of batteries.

The many brands of hearing aid batteries are available in the market. You should know the complete information of batteries before purchasing it. You have to take advice from professional of hearing aid care about batteries.