Now a day, Hearing loss is one of the major problems and it is increasing day by day especially in teen age groups. Hearing loss occurs due to many causes in young people like listening to loud music through headphone or speaker and not taking proper food on timely. People are always listening to music at high volume by using headphone.

Hearing health specialists tell that the headphone produces sound directly on our ear drums of the ear canal and ear wax is produced in the ear canal. Due to this, we will face hearing loss disability. They give information about how to increase hearing loss rates in mainly teen age people and they have long expressed concern concerning the prevalence of hearing impairment among children WHO area unit usually exposed to the “recreational” noise, they get from transportable music devices.

The researchers give the data of hearing loss rates with help of hearing loss test for more than 7,000 teen age people between the ages of 12 and 19.

The percentage of the teenagers exposed to loud music through headphones raised from 1988 to 2010, the researchers aforesaid. whereas concerning 34 % of teens queried in 2005 aforesaid that they had been exposed to eruption or listened to loud music with headphones within the past twenty-four hours, that range rose to nearly 42 % by 2010. The hearing loss rates increased from 17 % to 23 % between 2007 to 2008 but it decreased to 15 % by 2010, this report is founded by researchers.

To learn more about hearing aid technology and hearing aids then you may read the information on Hearing Solution website. This site can help inform a person’s decision about which hearing aids to choose. Remember, Hearing loss is the most important factor in choosing a hearing device. After a thorough hearing examination by an Audiologist, Professional will tell you about which best hearing aid device is beneficial for you. This site is helpful for us and provides many services related to hearing health.


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