The hearing aids are an electronics instrument which is used by hearing loss people. It cannot restore normal hearing. It amplifies the normal sound to proper hearing sound and helps to give better sound quality.

But today’s hearing aids are different in styles. Different people have different choice and they are worried about how it will look or whether it will really help. Many of them want smaller hearing aid which is not noticeable and those tiny devices look like fashionable or Bluetooth earphone. The styles of hearing aids are based on features, sizes, technology, prices etc.

The different styles of hearing aids are: –

  • CIC(Completely in the Canal): –

This is also called mini CIC. It is a very tiny device that is placed in the ear canal. CIC has not extra features like volume control or any manual controls because of smaller in size. It has smallest battery size which has not a long life but it can be tricky to remove and insert.

  • Invisible in the Canal(IIC): –

IIC is completely placed into the ear canal that is very small in size like invisible. It helps to improve a better quality of sound for hearing loss people but IIC has a small battery which has not a long life and extra manual controls like a volume control.

  • In The Canal(ITC): –

ITC is one type of hearing aid. It is placed partly in the ear canal and outer ear and that is used by adult people for mild to moderate hearing loss. ITC is very comfortable and easy to use because it is slightly larger than IIC and CIC styles. It has some additional features like volume control, directional microphones, a better understanding of the noisy environment, and better battery life etc.

  • Receiver in the Canal(RIC) or Receiver in the ear(RITC): –

RIC is placed in the lower portion of the outer ear (half shell). Means that, the speaker is placed behind the ear or receiver is fixed in the ear and it has better battery life and extra manual control like a volume control. It is easy to handle or manipulate. It is converted the low-frequency sound to high-frequency sound.

  • Behind the Canal(BTC): –

It is a sensitive electrical component and based on the digital signal. The BTE hearing device is placed behind the ear and top of the outer ear. It is very larger than others size but it has more features like sound quality, better battery life, and extra manual controls etc. The receiver is connected to the speaker through a thin wire which is called ear-mold. It looks like a Bluetooth headphone and also it is mostly used by children. If anyone wears eyeglasses then who will have the problem in wearing the BTE hearing device because the handle of eye glasses or BTE devices both are placed behind the ear.

If you are having a problem to select one right hearing device then you have to go to the professional of hearing aid care center. They will help to select one right hearing device for you.


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